1 Carton Code Barcode Image

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1 Carton Code Barcode Image

This will be an image for use on the outside of your carton containing a quantity of your retail products.

You will receive barcode artwork in EPS, PNG, JPEG and TIFF formats.

Please note that ITF-14 Carton Codes are for use on cartons for shipping. They are not to be used for retail sale. If you intend to use your carton for retail sale, then you should use an EAN-13 retail barcode on the carton.

This is a one-off payment, no annual renewal or membership fees or charges are payable.

All orders are sent via email within 24 hours (most orders are sent within a few hours).

Any questions of any kind relating to barcodes, please do contact us.



(VAT is charged on the payment page for UK customers only)