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One of the many attractive features of this business formation service is the $0 starting cost for it's basic package. All you will need to pay is the State fee, which the amount you pay will vary from State to State.

Obviously for the other packages there is a cost (plus State fee), however, there are more advantages and benefits that come with them.


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In addition to the most common types of business formation offered - which is an LLC (Limited Liability Company) - Incfile also registers other entity types. These are as follows:




The most popular of the four entity types for a small or new business is an LLC registration. An LLC is by far the quickest and easiest to create and also has the simplest business structure. Why? Because you have less requirements for an LLC and more ownership options compared to the other entity formations. Operating an LLC is generally considered easier than running or managing a C-Corporation or a S-Corporation.

On the other hand, a S-Corp and a C-Corp have slightly more complex business structures and have more legalities and rules compared to an LLC. However once again, each business structure has it's own set of advantages and benefits, such as the ease of raising capital for a S-Corp or a C-Corp - compared to an LLC. Likewise, for an LLC formation, the management structure can be considered to be more flexible compared to a C-Corp or a S-Corp. All depends on your needs and requirements and what goals you wish to achieve with your business.

Main Advantages of Forming Your Business

There are many benefits or reasons you could say, of incorporating a business. Regardless of the type of business structure you choose, all have the following in common:

Tax Savings - What kind and the nature of the savings will depend on various factors (how many partners, revenue, structure etc).

Limited Liability Protection - Probably the most obvious one. Once an LLC or Corporation is formed, any liability the business may have will only be the liability of the business.

The two main attractive benefits of Incfile's business formation service, in our opinion, is the $0 cost for it’s basic package (you only pay for the State fee) and the 'free registered agent service for a whole year'. No other formation company offers it’s basic package for Free. Also, for the registered agent service (which is a must-have if forming an LLC), there is no other business incorporation service which also offered this FREE for a whole year. The other formation businesses either charge for this service, or only had say part of the year free (example: for six months only).

There are of course many other advantages which will possibly be useful for you once your company formation is successfully completed. A few of these services include banking requirements and bookkeeping or your accounts being completed.

The knock-off effect of using this business formation service is probably it's popularity. By this we mean if you need to contact customer service, you may not be able to get through to them the first time round (sometimes, not always). Again, this could be due to their popularity as being the only LLC formation company which offers it's basic package for FREE (only pay for the State fee).

So, if you are on a tight budget, or want to explore further or to start forming your business today, click on the link below.

Start LLC for $0 at IncFile